Things To

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Things to Think About


"This could be my chance.  I mean the REALLY BIG BREAK I've waited my whole life for" David told me.  A new firm was wooing him hard, promising to double the salary he was making and give him the responsibility and recognition he had been craving in his current firm.  Everyone he talked to about the offer was urging...

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A Simple Tool for a Happy Life You Can Be Proud Of

It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are. “I’m not sure what I should do here,” Marco told me. “I feel confused. How do I know which choice is the right one?” He was in the middle of a lucrative and complex transaction with his current firm. A new firm had offered him a position, pressing...

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A List of Values

List of Values   Abundance Acceptance Accessibility Accomplishment Accuracy Achievement Acknowledgement Activeness Adaptability Adoration Adroitness Adventure Affection Affluence Aggressiveness Agility Alertness Altruism Ambition Amusement Anticipation Appreciation Approachability Articulacy Assertiveness...

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Are You Headed For a Wile E. Coyote Moment?

  Yesterday, while having dinner with friends, we spotted a roadrunner making its way through the yard.  Yes, they really do exist and it’s one of many pleasant surprises living in the desert.  I always wondered what made Wile E Coyote double down in his endless pursuit of the Road Runner.  Time and again, he...

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Grabbing Your Brass Ring

Last week I met with two clients who are planning to make big changes next year. Glen is going to leave his current firm and Corey is going to sell his company. Both men know that to prepare themselves for the best possible outcomes, the actions they take in the next quarter are critical to set themselves up for the...

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Some Mid-Year Mojo – Rebalancing

"I've spent my whole life working to provide for my family. When do I get to make it about me again? I'm not a selfish man, but isn't it ok to rebalance at some point? The challenge is, I'm just not sure how to even start!" My last column titled "Being the Best Damned Provider You Can Be - Because Failing Your Family...

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