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Things to Think About

Who’s on your “A” team?

Mentoring makes a difference. It's the foundation behind the Board in every investment you make. Imagine considering an investment in a portfolio company and the founder says, "Nah, I got this. I don't really need any input on how I make decisions or run the company." As an observer you see the big picture, you can...

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What’s Your Number?

In this business, we focus a ton on numbers… ROI, Exits, Carry, Bonuses, Cash Valuations … and on and on.  I’ve been really focused recently on one particular question with my clients … What’s your number? Most of them think I’m asking about the number they need socked away to retire.  The number I’m talking about is...

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The Guy With The Best Job In The World

  When he heard himself say, “I only have to do it for eight more years, til the kids are gone …” and thought he might throw up at that thought, Mark realized he HAD to do something differently. But, what finally shocked him into action was overhearing his young son’s answer to a stranger’s innocent question...

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The Dream Project – Because Every Child Matters

We had an amazing opportunity to join forces with 350 entrepreneurs to pack boxes for 500 kids living in long-term foster care in Chicago, IL. Some of these children have been in and out of more foster homes more times than you could imagine. Many of them don’t know what it’s like to feel truly loved and cared for....

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