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Try This On For Size

Last week I was looking for a new swimsuit. I had narrowed it down to two different suits after much effort to find one I was comfortable with. I complained to the sales girl in the fitting room that I wished each had a little more coverage. She reminded me that a swimsuit is not just about coverage, that is was also about displaying my assets in a tasteful way that maximized what was unique about me and that showing a little of myself was ok in this instance. I thought it was an apropos metaphor for continuing this journey with my writing and my workshops.

So, in an effort to let you know that this journey together will be a little different, I want to warn you that we’ll frequently be trying on something new and perhaps letting a little more hang out (on the writing front). I hope you will enjoy this different side of each of us and that this will be a place for great new discussions of transitions and growth.

Let me know what you’d like to “try on for size” in your life if you had a chance. Looking forward to enjoying this journey together.