The Seller Whisperer

Change happens.  The people who help us handle it matter.  More than we think.

Our lives and our businesses are shaped by change. The changes we seek and the ones that happen anyway.  The people we invite to help us through that change can make it better … if they care enough to understand what is happening and how to navigate the transition with respect and compassion for everyone involved in the process.

The work I get to do is amazing. Think about it: I get to help people walk through some of the most important and emotional decisions they’ll ever make as they harvest the rewards from their life’s work!

That’s why I’ve spent the past two decades honing my work with executives in transition. I’ve studied brain science, developmental psychology, thanatology and the timeless processes of meaning-making all in the service of helping my clients and their advisors find the nuance that will ease their steps from where they’ve been into “what’s next”. 

But ultimately, this is about your experience as you safely land on the other side of your business, enriched not only with the financial rewards of what you’ve spent your life building, but with your spirit intact, ready to step into the next chapters of your life’s legacy.

Let me show you how.

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