About Denise Logan

Weaving together her background as a lawyer, mental health professional and business owner has enabled Denise Logan to deftly guide hundreds of business owners and their professional teams as they navigate the complex emotional journey of selling their business and letting go into their own version of what’s next.

Denise knows that to business owners, selling a business is more than a transaction. To them, it is an emotionally fraught period of transition, filled with unexpected highs and lows, with no clear vision of what waits at the end for them and their family. Her passion for this work is colored by her own experience of being an unprepared business owner who made an abrupt and choppy exit from her company, after ignoring the signs that it was time for several years.

Her own exit was followed by several years traveling in a 36-foot motorhome all over North and Central America, on her own, with two sweet little dogs, but that’s a story for another day.

Denise’s two decades of research and thought leadership on the subjects of work, money and meaning and how executives navigate the waters of transition and reclaim their sense of identity outside of their business has made her a popular speaker to audiences on three continents and a frequent commentator on the subjects of business succession planning, transition and legacy. She has also provided advanced training to advisors employed by some of the world’s largest financial institutions, law firms and accounting firms, helping their clients successfully transition their businesses to new owners. And she is the author of The Seller’s Journey.

Born in Ontario, Canada, but educated in the United States, she now lives in Arizona, where she is happy to remind others when it’s hot that they don’t have to shovel sunshine.