The Seller’s Journey

A new book by Denise Logan

Fewer than 30% of all businesses for sale successfully transition to a new owner and those that do typically take more than nine agonizing months filled with uncertainty. The longer a sale process takes, the more stressful it becomes for the owner & the deal team and the lower the probability of success.

It doesn’t have to be that way …

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Set in the magnificence of Glacier National Park

As a successful seller celebrates with his deal team, The Seller’s Journey presents a philosophy that will help you or your clients sell their company with integrity, humanity and understanding—of your own needs, behavior and emotions and those of the others involved in the process

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The Seller’s Journey will provide immense value to:


Business owners planning to sell


Business attorneys, accountants, and valuation professionals


Private equity investors


Investment bankers and business brokers


Wealth management professionals and financial services firms

“My prediction is that The Seller’s Journey will emerge as a timeless classic—an indispensable handbook guiding business owners through one of the most vexing chapters of their lives. Advisors who understand that a business owner’s transition is more than a transaction will buy this book by the truckload and change the world one deal at a time.” 

–  Thomas William Deans, PhD, author of Every Family’s Business and Willing Wisdom

More Praise

“This book is a must read for both business owners and their advisors. It can help enhance the results realized and reduce the stress for all involved in the ownership transition process. Denise paints a vivid picture of the characters in this unique, easy-to-read story of a complex journey too few successfully complete. Having personally played more than one of these roles in my career, the array of traits, concerns and actions woven into the narrative vibrated between my ears. … [Its] messages, when understood and applied, will dramatically improve any owner’s journey to and through the successful sale their business.”

— Richard Mowrey, #1 internationally best-selling author of When Is the Right Time to Sell My Business?

“Denise provides a refreshing viewpoint on the human side of a business transition. This is a much-needed perspective in the transaction world. I felt like I was walking along side Marty. The nuggets of advice are invaluable. Her desire to change deal mentality is contagious!”

— Jennifer L. Todd, Transaction Services Director, BSM Consulting

“Couldn’t put it down … The Seller’s Journey explains the psychology behind an owner’s emotional experience at the culmination of their life’s work. A must-read for owners, buyers and the world of advisors involved in the process.”

— Dr. Jamie Weiner, high-net-worth family advisor,
author of The Legacy Conversation

“In The Seller’s Journey, veteran advisor Denise Logan unravels the emotion-fueled obstacles to closing a sale and shows us how to resolve them. A must read for anyone involved in selling a company.”

— Terri Tierney Clark, former private equity/investment banking advisor, author of Learn, Work, Lead—Things Your Mentor Won’t Tell You

Transition expert Denise Logan “offers the only credible solution to tackling one of the most significant causes of deal failure—seller’s remorse.” This counterintuitive approach will measurably turn the dial on the ratio of deals that reach successful conclusions.

— John Mill, attorney, MBO Coach