The Legacy Dinner
Denise Logan

The Legacy Dinner is a small curated dinner & discussion experience exploring the topic of What Constitutes a Lasting Legacy?

It is an informal gathering, along the lines of a Jeffersonian-style dinner.  For each event, I’ve chosen a variety of people I know who I think are open to discussion and would each bring a unique perspective to a shared conversation.  In advance of the evening, I will provide the address of the unique venue and LinkedIn listings for each of the guests, so that you may have a gander at who your dinner-mates will be.  Guests at prior events have said that it’s a dinner unlike any they’ve ever attended and that they made rich acquaintances that far surpassed any networking event they had ever attended.

The format for the evening is that once we all have arrived, I’ll ask each of you to share your answer to this opening question: If I could choose to take on the life of any other person (living, dead or fabled) who would I choose and why?   Your answer can be whimsical, lighthearted or deep.  You may wish to share an anecdote or two about how you came to that answer.

We will meander around the topic from there.  The only guidelines for the dinner are to have conversation as a group, to resist the urge to talk separately and to have fun with the topic.  We may disagree, but let us not be disagreeable!  It’s an opportunity to get to know each other and explore a common topic together.  There is no right or wrong answers, and I’ve chosen each guest because I know you can bring your full selves into the conversation, exploring a topic without any need to posture or prove anything – it’s why I enjoy each one of you so much!

At the end of the evening, you’ll each have an opportunity to share your perspective on the evening.  You may share what moved you, what (if anything) has shifted in your perspective, what you plan to do next, or any other comment that you wish to close with.  We will conclude by 9pm.

I’m looking forward to sharing this time with all of you!  Denise

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