Putting the “R” Back in ROI

Adapted from my post “What Harvey Can Teach Us About ROI…” The callous use of a common phrase in someone else’s blog post shocked me. The writer used the common acronym “ROI”. But he couched it as “Relief on Investment” in describing how to choose a charity to support victims of Tropical Storm Harvey, which at the...

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Helping Clients Know When to Let Go

As advisors, we’ve all come across clients who are the founder and leader of their companies, and felt like it was never the right time to let go. Last week I was listening to a great story on NPR about whether Founder CEOs have a shelf life. It focused on the concept of transition as the Co-Founder of Peloton John...

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The “Favorite Uncle” Standard of Care

Fifteen years ago, my parents were running three businesses and, within a three-month period, each of them was diagnosed with cancer. Dad with late-stage colon cancer, mom with mid-stage breast cancer. They were suddenly in over their heads, and everything began to unravel. I lived in another state and, like many of...

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Is a Groundhog Running Your Deals?

Today is Groundhog Day and millions of folks all over the country will be looking to see if there will be 6 more weeks of winter by watching the antics of a groundhog named Punxatawney Phil.  You know, if he sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of winter.  If not, then spring is right around the corner. In many a...

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Is Dying at Your Desk Noble or Tragic?

Earlier this year, I facilitated a retreat for a group of business owners to talk about how to know when it’s time to sell their business and retire and how to navigate that transition without regrets.  One of them I’ll call “Brian” announced he had no plans to retire – “Not me,” he said.  “I’m planning to...

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